Laura Ashton – Oboe

lauraLaura’s first instrument was the recorder which she started at school in Perth. She decided to move on to an orchestral instrument and a search of the school music cupboard produced an oboe. Happily this turned out to be the right instrument for her and 2 years later she was able to study at the junior department of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. Full time studies followed at the RSAMD (with Philip Hill), the Royal College of Music (with Michael Winfield), finishing with a Postgraduate Diploma at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg, Germany (with Prof. Hans Elhorst). During this time Laura toured Europe twice with Claudio Abbado and the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra and also played with the Freiburg Philarmonisches Orchester. To help finance her studies Laura would often go busking with fellow students in nearby Switzerland, not realising you needed a permit to busk in Zurich led to her one and only arrest for playing the oboe!

Laura then worked as sub-principal oboe in Norrkoeping Symphony Orchestra, Sweden. After several years she returned to Britain and has lived in Glasgow, Durham and now Lichfield. She has freelanced with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Northern Sinfonia, Opera North, Sinfonia Viva and since moving to Lichfield for DECO, Orchestra of the Swan and English Symphony Orchestra.

She is also an enthusiast of the baroque oboe and has played with various baroque groups including The Hannover Band.

Laura enjoys teaching and has taught many young oboists over the years. Presently she teaches at Lichfield Cathedral School and the Junior Conservatoire in Birmingham. In her free time she enjoys cycling and swimming and trying to keep up with her two active sons.


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